We are your local neighbourhood roaster/coffee bar specialising in the procurement of single estate coffees. We are here to serve, educate and guide.

At the bar, you will find COFFEE served a little differently to your local cafe. For standard white drinks we steam a house made Almond/Macadamia Mylk, and in the summer time we like to shake our coffees cold. We also have a nitro coffee that feels like Guinness in your mouth...mmm creamy.

We also like to teach (not preach), so please pop in anytime and ask us questions about making coffee at home. We serve with no ego, we promise, so don’t be afraid to tell us that you still use your nonna’s moka pot. We want to be like sherpas guiding you to the Everest of the world of COFFEE. ­ Whatever that means.



About the space


The space at 135 Curlewis St, Bondi Beach, was designed by Liam Mugavin who engaged and collaborated with several artisans from the Jam Factory. This film documents the making process:


Lead designer

Liam Mugavin – Interior design and furniture – www.liammugavin.com